Omnigrip Resin Surfacing Systems road safety and landscaping coloured surfacing.

Antiskid Appointed State Agent
Omnigrip resin surfacing systems for safer road delineation and coloured surfacing with synthite aggregate.
We are pleased to announce Antiskid Industries have been appointed State Agent for Omnicrete Resin Surfacing Systems and finishes for design, supply and installation, which includes the following product areas:

Road Safety Surfacing

OmniGrip HF and CST Coloured Surfacing

OmniGrip Decorative Bright Coloured Surfacing

Synthyte Bright Easily Identifiable Coloured Aggregate

Landscape Surfacing

OmniGrip Decorative Bight Coloured Surfacing

Synthyte Coloured Aggregate

Commercial Surfacing

Public Transport


Workplace Safety

Please contact us for further information or fill in the Contact Us form. We are more than happy to discuss your road surfacing requirements any time.

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