East Parade in East Perth

The project, a dedicated demarcation cycleway with high visibility and long life finish. Another ‘winning' project from the team at Antiskid Industries, this time at East Parade in East Street over the Graham Farmer Freeway. We delivered with Antiskid Omnigrip CST that offers high skid resistance, bright colours and is ...Read more

Mandurah Forum Car Park

The second stage of the new Mandurah Forum Car Park is now completed. Bright, clearly seen and safe identifiable pedestrian walkways, dedicated disabled parking and colourful parking with prams areas.

Pier Street Car Park – City of Perth

Carpark decking systems demarcation for pedestrians and car parking. Clearly defined demarcation for pedestrian walkways, quick identification for AGROD permit holders and dedicated charging stations for electric vehicles. Antiskid Industries carried out the second stage of installing bright, clearly marked demarcation to make parking a more enjoyable and safe experience ...Read more

Mooka – Ore-Car Repair Shop

The new Mooka state-of-the-art ore-car repair shop, office and warehouse building required a heavy duty industrial flooring system to withstand extreme usage from the 10 tonne AGV (Automated Guiding Vehicles) traffic.