Graylands Hospital Kitchen

> Hard wearing, food grade finish with chemical and anti slip resistance

> Seamless Polyurethane Resin Flooring


As we know from vast experience working with some of the largest commercial and government organisations in Australia, commercial kitchens are a specialist subset of the flooring industry that requires keen knowledge of the specific requirements in a very demanding environment. The floor is subject to some of the harshest practices of any floor and has to withstand impact from utensils, trolley wheeled traffic, chemical attack from food acid and cooking oils as well as thermal shock from hot water spills and wash-down.

In particular, kitchens in hospitals are in constant use so the floor has to be reliable as a surface to work on in this environment.

Graylands Hospital was faced with a significant problem with their existing floor that had partially been addressed in 2010 when Antiskid undertook some refurbishments for them (see our previous Case Study). However there had been continued deterioration of the tiled floor and many were cracked or becoming  dislodged and the grout was continuing to degrade causing operational hygiene and safety issues.

This time North Metropolitan Health Services wanted to refurbish the remainder of the floor with a seamless durable floor to bring it up to the standard of the previous install.


Antiskid were requested to make recommendations for this next phase and we then wrote up an appropriate design specification specifically suited to their particular environment. Sika Australia’s Sikafloor PurCem system was chosen for it’s durability, fast cure, food industry accreditation, chemical, mechanical  and thermal resistance and easy maintenance abilities. PurCem is a seamless polyurethane/cement based floor that is fast to install, is low in VOC being water based and is accredited world wide as a premium food grade system.

Antiskid Industries were the recommended contractor for the project. The floor was installed in stages to minimise disruption to the production of the kitchen.

Graylands Hospital management are now able to focus on the tasks of providing vital services to patients and not worry about problems related from a failing floor in the kitchen.

        Product Used:

    • Sikafloor 22N
    • Purcem System

        Project Details:

    • Date: July, August 2018
    • Location: Graylands Hospital, Shenton Park, Western Australia
    • Contractor: North Metropolitan Health Services
    • Specifier: Antiskid Industries, Canning Vale, Western Australia
    • Product Supplier: Sika Australia
    • Contractor: Antiskid Industries