Antiskid Industries designs, supplies and installs Industrial Resin Flooring, which includes polymer epoxy and polyurethane seamless resin flooring for applications. These applications includes manufacturing environments, warehousing and food preparation areas. They are chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, low temperature-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Slip-resistant flooring is available in a range of colours in both matt and high gloss finishes.


1Food Processing

We offer specialised industrial resin flooring products for the food processing industry. Our food processing epoxy resin  flooring products are slip-resistant, resistant to high impact, wear-resistant, solvent-free and resistant to high and low temperatures. They are easy to clean and approved by state and national authorities for use in food manufacturing and processing environments.


2Commercial Kitchens

We provide heavy-duty; chemical-resistant industrial resin flooring solutions for commercial kitchens. Our commercial kitchen flooring products are resistant to high impact, as well as both high and low temperatures. They are low maintenance and are easy to clean, with superior anti-bacterial and slip-resistant properties. They are also compliant to industry-based food grade certification regulations.


3Commercial Flooring

Our industrial resin flooring solutions are anti-static, hygienic self-smoothing resin floor finish. Compliant with BS2050, they are suitable for dry process areas subject to medium to heavy duty foot, trolley, pallet truck and rubber wheeled fork lift traffic. Our commercial epoxy resin flooring solutions are ideal for sporting venues, laboratories, clean rooms, warehousing, electronic, aerospace, automotive, and printing plants.



We provide industrial resin flooring solutions ideal for use in the chemical processing sector. Resistant to slip, impact and chemicals, our products are essential to enhance floor safety. Our epoxy resin  flooring solutions can handle high and low temperatures and are guaranteed food-grade. They are approved for use by the nation regulatory authorities and all products are certified for use in the chemical manufacturing environment.



High-performance, slip resistant flooring perfect for the automotive industry and industries where hard-wearing surfaces are required and where high resistance against chemical attack is required. Different grades of slip resistance can be achieved by inclusion of graded aggregate between coats.


6Heavy Industrial

We design, supply and install protective industrial resin flooring solutions for heavy industry applications. Our products provide low maintenance solutions for safe, clean, bright environments that are resistant to slips, impacts and chemicals. They are durable and will withstand low and high temperatures.


7Manufacturing & Warehousing

Antiskid Industries supplies and installs epoxy and polyurethane epoxy resin flooring solutions plus concrete hardeners and floor sealers to increase safety in the workplace for all manufacturing and commercial warehousing applications. It looks good with defined demarcation areas clearly marked; it has low maintenance requirements and offers a high level of slip-resistance for safety.


8Concrete Preparation & Repair

We are knowledgeable in all aspects of surface preparation for the installation and application of epoxy resin flooring. Our services will enhance the durability of the flooring surface and the adhesion of the treatment solution.