High Friction Road Surfacing, Omnigrip CST, Omnigrip Decorative. Antiskid Industries are the leading installer of High Friction road surfacing, Omnigrip CST & Omnigrip Decorative – Perth engineered for a diverse range of civil engineering and construction requirements. We work with our clients to develop and formulate fit for purpose surfacing systems to meet the stringent demands in a number of areas including: Highways and Roads, Bridges, Car Parks, Landscaping, Commercial Use and Public Transport applications.


1High Friction Road Surfacing

Antiskid’s high friction veneer road surfacing system is designed to improve and maintain high levels of skid resistance on asphalt or concrete roads, highways and bridges. It is used primarily at intersections, roundabouts, school and pedestrian crossings, black spot location, tight radius corners and for general improvements of skid resistance to existing pavements.


2Omnigrip CST

Our coloured road surfacing treatment is designed to provide high visibility coloured pavements that ensure safer colour delineation whilst maintaining high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions. It’s primarily used for on road applications, highways and bridge pavements. General uses include bus and cycle lanes delineation, transit and emergency services on road lanes, pedestrian and school crossings and speed zone identification.


3Omnigrip Decorative

Add colour, contrast and high visibility with this unique slip resistant, low maintenance road surfacing system providing a decorative and complimentary surface finish to landscape design. Its uses extend, but are not limited to, shared pathways, streetscapes, design, pedestrian and shopping centre precincts, LATM schemes, centre medium delineation and car parks.


4Protective Car Park and Vehicle Traffic Decking Systems

Antiskid Industries has built a strong reputation for delivering world-class car park decking systems to commercial and private car park environments. We supply and install a unique range of performance resin coating decking products which have been installed to a number of car parking facilities in Perth. At Antiskid we are committed to transforming contemporary car park environments – making them look and feel a world away from the dark and unwelcoming concrete block structures erected in the 1960s.

Antiskid Industries are the preferred applicator of Omigrip’s High Friction Road Surfacing, Omnigrip CST, Omnigrip Decorative. For further information about High Friction Road Surfacing, Omnigrio CST, Omnigrip Decorative please contact us on (08) 9456 4074 or fill in the Contact Us form.